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Useful Woodturning Links

Club member demonstrating at our club show

Here are some woodturning and wood-related web sites that you might find useful.

Our club is an associate member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain.

Colwin Way is a world-renowned woodturner based in the south-west.

Alan Thomas covers all aspects of turning and demonstrations.

Tracy Owen specialises in green wood and hollow form turning.

Les Thorne covers all aspects of turning including teaching.

Mark Hancock turn most artistic pieces, getting your imagination going.

Gary Rance started turning on piecework turning pepper mills and kitchenware, but now turns decorative ware and teaches.

Mick Hanbury turns decorative work showing us pierced turned pieces.

Nick Agar is amongst the most artistic woodturners, giving much inspiration.

Joey Richardson creates inspired and award-winning pierced, textured and coloured turned work.

Dave Regester has written many books on various elements of turning.

Mark Sanger turns simple attractive decorated forms, showing the club his lidded forms.

Jason Breach is a professional turner, turning a wide range of items.
Yandles supplies all woodwork and woodturning equipment and turning blanks.

Axminster Tools is one of the largest suppliers of most tools and machinery.

Robert Sorby produce some excellent woodturning tools and sharpening devices.

Sandra Adams of Beech Tree Designs is one of the club members and shows her design talent on her web site.

SNN Timber, exceptional timber for craftsmen. 01409 281354

Woodturning Resources, this site was recommended to us by a school class who used this site, and our site, for their woodworking projects and competition.

Here is a useful site for those venturing into woodworking for the first time -

Other Woodturning Clubs

Here are some other woodturning clubs that are not too far away from us in the South West.

Woodbury Woodturners Club
Somerset Woodturners Club
Martock and District Woodturners Club
Devon Woodturners Club
Wessex Woodturners Club
The Cornwall Association of Woodturners
Torbay Woodturners Club

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